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Instant messaging exploded as hype – you either got it or you didn’t.  The trend instantly became a part of the global culture, dramatically changing the way (and how quickly) people communicated with each other.  IM has given birth to a new language, a sort of SMS “street” slang, that only the most IM-adept could understand.  Now, IM has attracted crowds other than the bubble-gum teens.  Check out the commercials.  IM is everywhere, including the workplace.  Everyone is chatting in bite-sized phrases.

I am a proud instant messenger/texter myself.  It’s convenient.  It takes only a minute, or a few if you’re involved in an actual chat.  But, in the workplace?  It is one thing to have a group chat to brainstorm new strategies, for say, starting an ad campaign.  It is another to execute a project that may have more grave consequences (such as securing a multi-million client with an out-of-the-ballpark proposal) whose members span continents and who speak many different languages and who may all have a different strategy to meet the group’s goal.  A little more complicated, right?

But it seems that IM in the workplace is no stranger.  Why is IM used by companies to encourage inter-departmental communication among employees?  Why is it not?  How many companies are using IM or video-chat tools to meet their responsibilities to international partners or to provide services to international clients?  Is IM an effective communication vehicle for multi-cultured business groups considering the different languages involved and varied comprehension levels that stem from a rainbow of cultures?  Is language even a barrier in online communication?  Has the formality of corporate communication officially dissolved?  These are the types of questions I will explore in my final paper for my Intro. to the Digital Age class.

I invite you to join in my exploration.  Does your company encourage employees to use AIM or Yahoo messenger or any other IM program to exchange ideas with each other?  Does your company offer services to international businesses, and if so, what is the preferred method of communication – IM? video chat? email? traditional in-person meeting?  What is your initial reaction to IM In the workplace?  Do you see it as a smart way for companies to communicate and strengthen relationships overseas?

Send me your thoughts, ramblings, questions on the topic.  And if you come across anything that’s interesting on my topic, send them my way!  

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